Bath Goodies

I am a bath and body product feine. My mother started a candle Bath and Body Products Company about 10 years ago and I am the guinea pig to try products out I admit, it's a gig I quite enjoy. Her company Cama scents and such with name for her three granddaughters. She put so much care and time into the quality and luxuriousness of the products because she wants everyone to enjoy, feel good and smell good. Every time I'm out of the shower with either her beautiful Artisan soaps or her bath and shower gels and creams I fall deeper and deeper in love with how moisturizing and silky smooth my skin is. Body lotions, body creams,body veils, after shower spritzes,Bath bombs you name it I'm always fragrant and silky smooth. Because of her products I don't have to moisturize when I get out of the shower but because I am so into bath lotions and creams I do it anyway for the extra protection for my skin from the elements.

Sniff...I bet you are trying to take in the aroma now, aren't you. Contact me if you are interested in trying some of her products.