December's 5 to Try Beauty Favorites


Repair Game Changer Hair Mask

Product Type: Hair Mask
What It Does: This 96% natural, high-performance hair mask gives your strands a new lease on life. It’s designed without rules—apply to dry, wet, or towel-dried hair for as long as you like. Plus, it also acts as a finishing cream.
How to Use It: Apply to wet or dry hair, brush through, and leave for as little or as long as you wish before rinsing.
About the Brand: WE ARE PARADOXX believes product performance shouldn't be compromised when choosing natural, clean beauty. Their hair and body care is all up to 100 percent natural with organic extracts.

Poets of Berlin Fragrance

Product Type: Fragrance
What It Does: Inspired by David Bowie’s love of Berlin, this bold scent combines notes of blueberry, lemon, bamboo, green wild orris, and Haitian vetiver. It’s warm and gentle while also being magnetic, just like Bowie and Berlin.
How to Use It: Spritz the perfume onto your neck, wrists, and temples.
About the Brand: VILHELM PARFUMERIE is a niche perfume house that aims to capture memories, emotion, and inspiration in a bottle.

Single Blush in Rosy

Product Type: Blush
What It Does: This ultra-blendable powder blush in a rosy hue is made with a balancing, brightening, and skin-cushioning formula for a natural, healthy glow. Antioxidant-rich gotu kola (a medicinal plant that’s known for its healing properties) helps boost collagen production, while summer lilac and thyme extracts moisturize to help prevent wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and skin vitality.
How to Use It: Apply to the apples of your cheeks in a soft circular motion. Blend for an even, sheer application.
About the Brand: KVOSSNYC is a clean skincare and beauty brand that is redefining the face of beauty. It's skincare and beauty on your terms, but, most importantly, it's products that support your skin through deep science and super unique formulations.

Microdermabrasion Age-Defying Exfoliator

Product Type: Exfoliant
What It Does: This age-defying exfoliator gently polishes and helps smooth your skin, buffing away dead surface skin cells for a smoother, brighter complexion in minutes. It’s a cult favorite for a reason.
How to Use It: Slowly and gently massage cream onto the skin for one to two minutes, avoiding the eye area
About the Brand: Founded by cosmetic dermatology visionary Dr. Fredric Brandt, DR. BRANDT SKINCARE’s cutting-edge products break the boundaries of traditional skincare.

Heart Percent
Dote On Mood Dewy Melting Lipstick

Product Type: Lipstick
What It Does: [Innovative Dewy Melting Lip Color] A lightweight sheer lipstick melts gently into your lips as soon as it touches your lips providing immediate, lasting hydration like a lip balm with a high-shine dewy finish.
How to Use It: [Dew Glossy Lipstick] Melt-on formula. High-shine dewy gloss lip color. Incredibly shine-like glass with lightweight, ultra-comfortable, non-sticky texture. [Dew Melting Textures] Long-lasting glossy textures. Like fresh dew drops, it gives you super shine and comfort without any stickiness. Smoothly glide on to create fuller-looking lips with an ultra-shiny wet look.
About the Brand: OLIVE YOUNG introduced the first Korean health and beauty store in 1999, with the opening of the first store.
Since then, OLIVE YOUNG has led the market as the first and the best.

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