My new Favorite highlighter

Mary Dew-Manizer OR Bonnie Dew-Manizer

Why You'll Love It
  • This liquid highlighter is creamy but super lightweight, so it gives your skin a glow without ever looking heavy or streaky.
  • This stuff gives a gorg glow on its own, but can also be mixed with your moisturizer, foundation, or primer for an extra boost of radiance.
  • Mary Dew-Manizer is a champagne gold shimmer that looks great on light-to-medium skin tones.
  • Bonnie Dew-Manizer is a topaz shade that gives deeper skin tones an out-of-this-world glow.

How to Use It
6 Places to Get Glowing
1. Your temples
2. Your brow bones
3. The inner corners of your eyes
3. Down the bridge of your nose
4. The highpoints of your cheekbones
5. Your Cupid’s Bow
6. Your collarbones